Ethical sales copy for conscious creators

My 2021 calendar is full

But you can skip my 12-month waitlist with a VIP day

You should snap up an Ethical Sales Copy VIP Day if….

  • You’ve got a tight deadline and copy you need to squeeze in

  • You have a smattering of copy needs across a variety of projects

  • You’ve got decent copy, but you’re ready to make it more ethical

What you get from your Ethical Sales Copy VIP Day

You get a full 7 hours of my copy brain to write (or rewrite) your sales copy to ensure it is both ethical *and* persuasive. That means eliminating any of the sneaky manipulative tactics that leave your audience feeling panicked, infusing a mega dose of empathy in its place, and rounding out the copy with an ethical strategy that serves both you *and* your audience.

A quick snapshot of your Ethical Sales Copy VIP Day

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